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Let Kids Be Kids: Why Pediatric Eye Care Matters

Don't forget about the kids - Why pediatric eye care is important.

While we usually remember to schedule appointments and eye checkups for ourselves, sometimes we don’t realize that we need to do the same for our children. Being a busy parent is never easy, but pediatric eye care is just as vital as adult primary vision care. We all want to support our kids in any way we can—and staying on top of pediatric eye care keeps Frankfort, Corydon, and Jeffersonville kids safe and healthy.

With routine vision care, we can catch eye problems early, helping your kids enjoy a childhood that’s free of nagging vision problems. Keep reading to see how pediatric eye care can positively impact your child’s well-being.

Why is pediatric eye care important?

Primary vision care is always an essential part of overall health. This is especially true for children, as eye exams can detect issues that develop at a younger age. An experienced doctor can identify problems such as “lazy eye,” eye muscle imbalances, or focusing difficulties. Finding these conditions early ensures children get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

Vision also affects so many parts of a child’s life. Struggling to see the whiteboard can hurt performance in school. Focusing issues can make exercise and sports difficult. Pediatric eye care can prevent these issues and help kids feel more confident in the classroom, on the playground, and beyond.

How often does my child need eye exams?

Many elementary schools offer screenings for students, but these exams are usually very brief, and may not detect all vision problems. A full exam from a qualified eye doctor gives parents the in-depth information they need to understand their child’s health. The American Academy of Optometry has a few guidelines for how often parents should bring their children in for eye exams.

  • Schedule your little one’s first exam when they’re about 6 months old
  • Preschool-aged children should be seen at 3 or 3 ½ years old
  • From 6 to 18, your kids should have an exam every 2 years

Kids who need glasses or contact lenses should be examined annually. After the age of 18, adults are also advised to schedule an eye exam every year.

What other eye care services do you provide for children?

Beyond primary vision care, we also offer other pediatric eye procedures. Our doctors often prescribe eye exercises for children who are diagnosed with conditions such as strabismus (“crossed eyes”). Our pediatric surgeons also offer corrective surgeries that can help young patients with eye alignment issues. Whether your child needs glasses, contacts, or physical therapy, our doctors treat children gently and compassionately.

Poor vision should never be a reason kids can’t properly enjoy their childhood. Kentuckiana’s parents can give their children every chance to succeed by supporting their kids’ vision care.

If you’re interested in learning more about vision care for kids from an eye doctor in the Corydon area, request a consultation online. You can also call our helpful staff at our main Indiana office at (812) 284-0660.

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