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LASIK for College Students

LASIK for Students in Louisville

School’s winding down, and summer break is almost here! If you’re a student thinking about correcting your vision with LASIK, or you’re a parent anticipating the return of your college student who might benefit from LASIK, now’s a great time to get the ball rolling on this sight-saving procedure.

We see an uptick in LASIK procedures at our Corydon, Jeffersonville, and Frankfort-area offices each summer simply because so many students are out of school. In the summer, students have a bit of time to devote to the recommended 1 to 2-day recuperation period before returning to the rigors of college—without their glasses or contacts.

Let’s take a look at why now might be the ideal time to schedule your procedure.

  • Time off: Once finals are complete, you’ll likely have a chunk of downtime ahead of you, even if you’re working a summer job or internship. This is precisely why this “quiet” time of year is great for LASIK. Although the procedure doesn’t require much recuperation time, undergoing the procedure in the summer will give you the opportunity to rest your eyes before you really need to use them again.
  • No more glasses or contacts: Dealing with glasses or contacts can be a daily hassle, and they’re not exactly compatible with dorm life. And while they’re very helpful to correcting your vision, glasses and contacts can be costly over time. Imagine waking up every day without having to clean your glasses or hike to the bathroom to put in your contacts! LASIK can make it happen. Learn more about life after LASIK in our related blog post.
  • An investment in your health: LASIK can help reduce eyestrain associated with long nights at the library or afternoons spent staring at a computer or phone screen. When your eyes feel better, you feel better, and activities such as driving in low light and walking across the quad at night become safer, too. Finally, LASIK eliminates the possibility of your contacts coming into contact with the shared surfaces in the bathroom, reducing the risk of infections.

LASIK Basics

Bladeless LASIK is so minimally invasive that it’s not 100% accurate to call it surgery. In our practice, we use a powerful femtosecond laser to make incisions, ensuring maximum precision and a speedier, more efficient process. Once the doctor has reshaped your cornea with the laser technology, you’ll recline for about 45 minutes. After your eyes are checked a final time, a friend or family member can drive you home.

The procedure itself is quick—typically completed within a few minutes—but most patients spend a couple of hours in the office to account for prep and post-operative time. Most people return to normal daily activities within a couple of days and safely resume exercise after about 1 week. Learn more about the procedure in the video below.

We’re proud to offer free LASIK consultations with an eye doctor here in the Jeffersonville, IN, area at Dr. Black’s Eye Associates. Are you ready to take the next step? Try our LASIK vision quiz to learn more about your eligibility for the procedure. Or contact our office online to request an appointment or call us at (812) 284-0660.

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