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Life After LASIK: The Future Looks Bright

Woman rides her bike with friends after LASIK surgery in Louisville KY

Since it was first approved by the FDA in 1995, LASIK surgery has helped countless women and men SEE MORE CLEARLY without the need for eyeglasses or contacts. With the advanced technology available today, such as the WaveLight laser for bladeless LASIK, the procedure is more customized and effective than ever before. LASIK patients from Corydon, IN, Frankfort, KY, and throughout the Kentuckiana area travel to our Jeffersonville LASIK Center to have bladeless LASIK performed by our eye surgeons.

For patients, that translates into an improved quality of life in a variety of settings where glasses and contacts can be annoying and limit your activities.

Life Immediately After LASIK

You may notice some significant changes in your vision as early as the day after LASIK surgery. Two or 3 days later, you may have 20/20 vision, or maybe even better than that. And for the vast majority of our LASIK patients, the procedure’s long-lasting results, ensured by our Lifetime LASIK guarantee, that lead to a lifetime of benefits.

Your Post-LASIK Future

Besides improved vision, what else changes after LASIK? It’s not an overstatement to say just about everything changes, from performing routine activities to enjoying extreme hobbies.

Here are a few examples:

  • Traveling: If you fly frequently and wear contacts, you’re familiar with having to limit the lens solution to 3 oz bottles to get through security. You can say goodbye to that annoyance. Even better is no longer having to keep track of glasses or contact lens while you’re on vacation. Does forgetting contacts in a hotel room sound familiar to anyone?
  • Swimming: If you’re a lap swimmer, worrying about losing contacts in the pool is a thing of the past after LASIK. You just strap on goggles and begin your workout, being able to see clearly. Swimming in pools, lakes, or oceans is stress-free without having to worry about taking out contacts first.
  • Playing sports: Casual athletes who compete in team sports either have to spend money for customized “rec specs” or worry about having their glasses knocked off during a game of pickup basketball or some other sport. Glasses can slide down the nose as you sweat and can simply be a hindrance to fully enjoying participating in any athletic activity.
  • Camping: It doesn’t take much imagination to understand why dirt and contacts really don’t mix. Even if you use an RV for camping, it’s difficult to keep contacts clean in the wilderness. If you wear glasses, the same drawbacks apply here that are true for traveling and playing sports.
  • Allergies: Contact lenses and allergies are a miserable combination. The American Optometric Association reports that more than 75% of contact lens wearers complain that allergies cause eye pain and irritation. And many contact-wearers suffer seasonal allergies because the lenses can trap pollen. LASIK won’t eliminate your allergies, but it does result in less eye irritation due to allergies.

If being free of eyeglasses and contacts sounds appealing, LASIK may offer an excellent solution. Are you a good LASIK candidate? Take our quiz to find out. You can then contact our practice to schedule a LASIK consultation with one of our eye doctors. Or you can call our main office at (812) 284-0660 to schedule an appointment.

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