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Breaking Free of Glasses & Contacts with LASIK

Free yourself from the hassle of eyewear with LASIK surgery.

One of the biggest advantages of LASIK vision correction is the freedom to leave behind the inconvenience of glasses and contacts. For men and women who live active lifestyles, this benefit can take shape in a number of ways. At our Jeffersonville-based ophthalmology practice, we are proud to offer LASIK vision correction to help men and women from all areas of Kentuckiana, including Frankfort, KY, so that they may more comfortably enjoy more limitless and adventurous lives.

In this blog post, we’ll share how LASIK can help you break free of corrective lenses and enjoy a life beyond relying on eyewear.

Enjoy the Outdoors Effortlessly

For those who love to explore the outdoors, taking in nature’s beauty is often one of the most rewarding parts of the experience. However, the glasses and contacts you may rely on to do so can make enjoying the trip more difficult.

  • Glasses can be inconvenient for days in and out of the water or for activities such as climbing or hiking, where eyewear may fall and break.
  • Contacts can’t be worn in the water without eye protection, making it challenging to enjoy days at the lake or vacations to tropical destinations.

When you’re camping overnight, caring for glasses or taking contacts in and out is not only inconvenient but sometimes unrealistic. With LASIK, eyewear is one less thing you’ll have to pack or account for as you plan your adventures.

Stay Sharp on the Field, Court, or Track

For athletes, clear vision during sporting activities often means wearing protective goggles over glasses. While contacts are better in this regard, they can still fall out and take you out of the game. LASIK keeps your vision clear without a second thought.

This can be a huge benefit for college athletes and those starting their athletic careers. Learn more about how LASIK can fit into a college student’s life in our previous blog post.

A bonus for athletes is that LASIK doesn’t require significant recovery time. You’ll only need to hold off on strenuous exercise for about a week to allow your eyes to heal completely. Then you’ll be back to your routine with 20/20 vision (or better).

Make Daily Life a Little Breezier

Even in day-to-day activities, eyewear can add an extra level of inconvenience.

  • Prescription sunglasses are expensive.
  • Regularly stocking up on contact solution, lens wipes, and more can be a hassle and can quickly add up financially.

LASIK can free you from years of these expenses and take this small daily stress off your plate.

At Dr. Black’s Eye Associates, we offer a lifetime LASIK guarantee, so no matter how your lifestyle evolves, you can be sure your eyes will keep up with you.

If you would like to learn more about how LASIK can help you live a more active life in Corydon, Frankfort, Scottsburg, and beyond, please contact us online or call (812) 284-0660.

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