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Busting 5 Myths About LASIK Surgery

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Since emerging as a breakthrough vision improvement treatment, LASIK surgery has become one of the most popular procedures offered at our practice. The LASIK patients who travel from Louisville and throughout the Kentuckiana region to our Vision Surgery Center in Jeffersonville, IN, often have several questions about the procedure.

For some, learning more about LASIK is eye-opening because the answers debunk common misconceptions about the procedure. In this post, we’ll highlight 5 persistent myths about LASIK surgery and explain why they aren’t true. You can use a link at the end of the post to take a quiz to see if you’re a good LASIK candidate.

The most common myths about LASIK surgery include:

  1. LASIK only corrects nearsightedness. LASIK surgery was initially introduced as a treatment for nearsightedness, which explains why this misconception continues to persist. But advances in LASIK technology — such as the “bladeless” LASIK procedure performed by our eye surgeons — put this squarely in the “myth” category. LASIK can now treat farsightedness and astigmatism, in addition to nearsightedness.
  2. LASIK is painful. This is definitely not true. Our surgeons use numbing eye drops to ensure you remain comfortable during the LASIK procedure, which typically takes only about 5 minutes for each eye. You can expect to experience some pressure on the eye, but laser reshaping of the eye is painless.
  3. Recovery takes a long time. Some of the men and women who come to our Vision Surgery Center near Louisville for LASIK surgery believe they need to take a week or more off from work. Not true. The recovery process is relatively quick. Many of our patients notice improved vision the day after surgery, but we recommend taking off a couple of days.
  4. Older people can’t get LASIK. It’s true that the optimal age for LASIK surgery is between the mid-20s and mid-50s. The only true age restriction when it comes to getting LASIK, however, is that most surgeons recommend waiting until you’re older than 18. But there is a correlation between age and LASIK candidacy. Older eyes are more susceptible to vision conditions that can prevent patients from having the procedure.  
  5. A successful LASIK surgery means you will never need eyeglasses or contacts again. Even with advanced technology, LASIK surgery can’t prevent your eyes from aging. Vision changes with time and age, and even though LASIK offers a long-term solution for adults with poor vision, you’ll ultimately need glasses or contacts at some point. At Dr. Black’s Eye Associates, we do offer additional treatments for qualified patients who need vision enhancement.

If you’re curious about LASIK surgery and want to know if you’re a good candidate, taking our online quiz is a good starting point.

You can also call us at (888) Eye-Care (393-2273) or request a complimentary consultation using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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