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Are You Keeping Your Eyes Healthy at Work?

Workplace Eye Care in Louisville

We’re passionate about eye care here in Louisville, and the month of March is close to our hearts because it’s Workplace Eye Wellness Month. So this month, we want to touch on our favorite tips for keeping your eyes healthy and safe at work, no matter what kind of job you do.

Eye Care in the Office

Regardless of your title, today’s office jobs require a lot of screen time. When you’re not looking at your monitor, you’re probably scrolling through your phone on your breaks—and all that time can add up to cause screen-related eyestrain.

For example, we naturally blink less when reading something on a screen, which can make our eyes feel dry and tired by the end of the day. The best option for reducing this symptom is what we call the “20-20-20” rule. Every 20 minutes, try to spend at least 20 seconds looking at an object at least 20 feet away. This exercise shifts your focus and can reduce computer-related eyestrain.

Lighting is also an important consideration. Reduce glare by re-positioning your monitor, sitting away from windows, and moving lamps and other light fixtures next to your monitor instead of in front of it. Anti-glare screen covers are available if you can’t reposition your monitor to reduce glare.

You can also use computer vision glasses. These glasses typically look no different than regular glasses, but they block out the blue light generated by electronic screens. Blue light can contribute to eyestrain and also disrupts the sleep cycle, so these special glasses can help minimize the detrimental effects of blue light.

If your office has a forced heating and air system, your eyes may be more prone to dryness, especially during the cooler months. Stepping out of the office for occasional walks can help, as can using lubricating eye drops.

Eye Care for Physically Demanding Jobs

Eye protection is key for people who work in more physical occupations, such as construction, warehouse, and many other non-sedentary jobs. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to keep your eyes protected from the sun with a good set of polarized sunglasses. If eye injury is even a remote possibility, use safety goggles or face shields. If you work with chemicals that can damage your eyes, be sure you know the location of the nearest eyewash station as well as how to use it.

Eye Care Tips for All Employees

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you can begin practicing a few good habits this month. Getting plenty of sleep every night—whatever amount makes you feel best—gives your eyes the critical rest they need. Additionally, consuming enough fluids, especially water, ensures that your eyes have adequate resources to lubricate themselves throughout the day.

Eye Exams Are Important for Everyone

Regular eye exams are imperative to maintain healthy eyes. For most adults, we recommend an exam once every 2 years. For older adults and those with existing eye conditions, an annual exam is more appropriate. Schedule your eye exam with an optometrist in Louisville, KY, when you call (888) EYE-CARE today.

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